image Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun


Creativity is the act of turning new an imaginative ideas into reality.  It is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in different ways by finding hidden patterns and making connections between unrelated information.  It can involve both thinking and producing.  It’s a great way to think outside of the box.  The important characteristics of creativity is its’ ability.  A person whose creativity is above average in one area can be expected to be above average in other areas of creativity as well.  In relation to intelligence; creativity is correlated with low and high IQ levels.  Another good trait is the flexibility of thinking.  Basically, it can easily abandon old ways of thinking and adopt new ones.

A great way that can help an individual become more creative is to be able to accept that that individual is creative.  Everyone is creative and that it is possible to improve creativity in various ways like diet, exercise and even practice.  Then you have to gain different perspectives so that we can explore the possibilities of a variety of ideas.  A creative individual has to learn to “think outside of the box.”  Change perspective and an individual will be able to approach problems by breaking them down into various elements.  An individual will be able to adapt to solutions that are currently set.  Also, embracing your imagination is always a good thing to do because it helps an individual bring out an inspired idea.  Don’t forget that practice makes perfect.

Some process that can interfere with creativity is criticism.  There are different types of criticism and constructive criticism can be tolerated for those who want to enhance their masterpiece based on viewer feedback which is always a good thing.  Another thing that can interfere with creativity are distractions to an everyday life for an individual with a creative mind.  Maybe life is so hard that the main focus for creativity is not there.  There can be many negative factors also that can affect creativity in a whole.


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