I have opened my eyes to many possibilities and have taken many risks in order to observe, make mistakes, and then learn. My projects derive from my experiences. I am inspired by my experiences and a majority of these experience are with my friends, with my family, and sometimes with myself. Lately all of my adventures require at least two or more unique and like-minded individuals. I have recently taken up a hobby, much less, something that I truly enjoy on my own time when I do have the time. It progressed into a business of gift giving and soon into a business among friends.

Lusiid Beadworks was inspired by my adventures with my friends. It was inspired by those who are true givers and expect nothing back in return but love. It’s the magic word among humans. Many preach it but not many walk it. What more of a word to be inspired by: LOVE. It never gets old. I started my journey into bead work after I met my friend Sid. I have created a path not only to my own self-discovery but self-creativity. Below are a few of the many creations I have in my collection at the time and have been growing in quantity:

Glass beaded hummingbird with dragons eye chabocon


Glass beaded neon pink hummingbird.

Pink and Purple ChabaconGreen Dragon


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